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    We develop enterprise GIS for Web, Cloud and Mobile. With technologies like Mapserver, Geoserver, Quantum GIS, Postgis, ESRI we outsource GIS services like digitalization, georeferencing, conversion and import to RDBMS, GIS app development.

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  • Global footprint

    INS has established presence in four countries over three continents with HQ in Skopje, Macedonia
    and offices in Austria, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

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  • Building solutions since 2007

    Engaged by large enterprises, software vendors, and technology startups, we have been building software solutions that saved them time in all of the aspects of their operational activities. And we continue to grow because we deliver on our promise to deliver business solutions, not just functioning software. We build solutions. The smart way.

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About INS

Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) creates opportunities and solves problems for customers tackling the complexities of building commercial grade solutions. The stakes are high in commercial environments. Quality is paramount. Release schedules are demanding. Cost control is critical.

This vision stimulated the purpose of Intelligent Network Solutions as we began in 2007. Since that time we have been engaged by large enterprises, software vendors, and technology startups. We saved them development, testing, and maintenance costs. We bring products and complex applications to market faster. And we continue to grow because we deliver on our promise to deliver business solutions, not just functioning software.

Intelligent Network Solutions is devoted to quality, efficiency, and customer service. We built an international footprint, cadre of experts, and concert of processes to make it happen. We strategically balance the advantages of our unique development teams with the exacting needs of each client.

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Number of employees across offices in 5 countries


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Why us?

As a company we are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 20000, ISO 27000 and ISO 14001 certified with certified android developers, project managers and business analysts. We have developed more than 25 our own products and worked on over 100 different IT projects worldwide. Our 20 years’ experience is prove for excellence and innovation we provide to our clients, building the solutions, the smart way!

  • Individual Approach: we create products which are tailor made for the specific needs of our clients. Based on the company’s future proof technology strategy, client current level of IT software infrastructure, budget and priorities, our employees strive for perfection in service and products.
  • Modern Technologies: we solve your problems with the best suitable tools for the job, moving your business from legacy solutions towards cloud based platforms and workflows, while at the same time supporting you in the transition.
  • Flexibility: as we are in complete ownership of our code, we are free to move and course correct on-the-fly inside the working parameters of any projects. Our well established project management procedures allow us to use this as we see fit.
  • Company with world-wide experience: an international company with 4 main bases of operation: in Skopje, Macedonia, for the South East European region, Abu Dhabi for UAE and the middle-east, Vienna for Austria and other EU countries, Sydney for the Australian market.


GIS software application development

We develop GIS solutions for Web, Cloud and Mobile. We tend not only toward developing a solution, but more toward developing a proper business relationship with our clients. Our solutions span and cover a good number of industries across the spectrum in both private and government sector such as Telco, Oil and Gas, Education, Tourism, Bio-diversity and natural environment, Land management and urban planning, Utility companies for waterworks or power distribution.

GIS and BIM outsource services and cross platform integration

With technologies like Geoserver, qGIS, Postgis, ESRI we outsource GIS services like digitalization, georeferencing, conversion and import to RDBMS, GIS app development. With our in-house BIM expertise we outsource services such as BIM model QA/QC, data conversion processes from BIM to GIS and consultancy in the processes of BIM model authoring. Our extensive knowledge in both GIS and BIM helps our clients bridge the gap between both worlds.

Tailor-made business application development

With a strong international team to back us up, we offer smart software solutions for resolving your business needs and problems, such as solutions in FinTech, complex reporting and management dashboards built on top of big data clusters, modelling of your business processes in a form of smart web and mobile solutions all with an end goal of elevating the level of your business by saving you time and resources through smooth digital transformation.

Consultancy and outsource

We offer consultancy and outsource development services in relation to Web development, mobile apps, RDBMS design, GIS data management, Business Cases & Cost Benefit Analysis, Training etc. In our ranks, you can find experts with 20+ years of worldwide experience that would be happy to give their insight related to concerns, questions and problems related to your business as well as put in good work to make your plans happen.

Fleet management

INS offers full-blown turn-key solution for fleet management with a dedicated team that covers the whole lifecycle of your fleet tracking needs: our in-house staff numbers people in sales, 24h customer support, administration and technical support ready to visit your premises whenever the need occurs. Our clients number in thousands and our distributed tracking platforms tracks tens of thousands vehicles in real-time.

Cutting edge technology solutions

We firmly believe that one of the keys to our success is the ever-growing desire to explore new ways of giving another little push forward to IT as an industry. Our engineers are encouraged to always try out new technologies wich then we tunr into viable, market-ready solutions. In this way, we have built up experience and are building software in the field of VR, AR, IoT solutions out of which a good number of them is actively used in production by numerous clients.


Gazmend Ajrulovski


Igor Pupaleski

Business development director

Aleksandar Sotirovski

Chief of sales

Mihajlo Shirgoski


Igor Dimitrovski


Darko Kovachevski




Project: OneGIS

Client: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company - ADNOC

OneGIS is a project that INS developed for ADNOC through its offices in Abu Dhabi. It represents a GIS system that centralizes over 2000 GIS data layers gathered from a family of over 15 group companies operating under the umbrella of ADNOC, modelled and imported into an enterprise database after a thorough data QC.

Project: RIMS

Client: Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) Bahrain

Radiocommunications Information Management System – RIMS is a fully integrated information management solution that automates the implementation of the Regulation, which sets out role in the permitting, installation, development and maintenance of Public Radiocommunications Stations (PRSs).

Project: Construction land registry

Client: State authority for cadastral land in Macedonia

A software solution that supports the validation and verification, inventorisation and management of detailed urban plans. The main purpose of the registry is to establish a single state-wide registry of land plots for construction, and to facilitate the generation of statistics and reports, streamlining urban planning processes.

Project: Nexus Tirana

Client: City of Tirana

A full blown GIS solution built upon our Nexus GIS platform that empowers the city of Tirana with brand new tools for GIS data centralisation, automatic GIS data QA/QC, configuring and building new GIS applications on-the-fly and generating fast reports and official documents related to urban plans.

Project: Inventory and defect detection platform

Client: Water supply and wastewater management authority Prilep

A web GIS software solution based on INS's product Nexus Utility, that helps the waterworks utility company in Prilep with network inventorisation for both water distribution and sewage. It is used in day-to-day tasks for registering defects and generating work orders, maintainance tasks and in-field situations through the mobile module.

Project: Ground Water Data Management System

Client: Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning - Department of Water

The system unites and enables management of the groundwater data (hydrogeological and monitoring) including License issuing processes of Department of Water; In addition, surface water is implemented as a replacement of the old Water Information System of MoEPP and mobile application for on field data verification.

Project: HalkEco

Client: Halkbank

HalkEco is an app that allows you to form healthy habits and to contribute for preserving the environment. The app will encourage you to be physically active, eco-conscious and to motivate the community to follow your example. For each of your activities: running, walking, cycling, you get HalkCoins for which you receive gifts and other benefits.

Project: Climate Change Monitoring, Reporting and Verification platform

Client: UNDP

MRV Platform is a web-based system that enables collaborative working and tracking of climate change information related to climate change mitigation, adaptation and support. Its purpose is to facilitate and improve the existing work that the Ministry of Environment & Physical Planning and partners are implementing on climate change MRV activities.

Project: Fire stations live status

Client: ADNOC

Live Status of Fire Station Resources of ADNOC Group Companies is the GHSEF initiative to make the exact resources’ data instantly available for Crisis Management Team, whenever it is required. This tool is also used for monitoring the availability of declared shift minimum resources level (Staffing and Fire Appliances) across ADNOC Group Companies.

Project: System for Comparison and Verification of Cadastral Documentation

Client: Kosovo Property Comparison and Verification Agency - KPCVA

WEB-based software system that covers the overall process managed by the KPCVA. The software system includes modules, functionalities and tools for user and user role management, document and document type management, case management, comparison and verification process management.


Our of-the-shelve turn-key solutions are covering a wide range of client needs, from GIS data visualisation, over big data analysis, utility management all over to BIM model analysis and georeferencing. Just plug and play. Yes, it is that simple.


Our flagship web platform for managing GIS data and generating GIS applications on-the-fly. It connects people with rich dynamic maps and apps, accompanied by latest technology for complete digitalization of your processes and procedures.

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Web GIS platform for inventorisation and work process management built upon best practices of utility companies in industries such as oil and gas, electrical power distribution, water supply and wastewater management, telco etc.

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Comprehensive web platform that merges the power of BIM with the power of GIS, thus delivering a set of tools to analyse the quality of BIM models and prepare for fullfilling all of the regulatory requirements that you may come across.

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