GIS Services

  • We develop GIS for Web, Desktop, Cloud and Mobile. We tend not only toward developing a solution, but more toward developing a proper business relationship with our clients.
  • With technologies like Mapserver, Geoserver, Quantum GIS, Postgis, ESRI, MapInfo we outsource GIS services like digitalization, georeferencing, conversion and import to RDBMS, GIS app development.
  • LIDAR, which stands for Light Detection and Ranging, is a remote sensing
    method that uses light in the form of a pulsed laser to measure ranges (variable distances) to the Earth.
    Our team has a competence for processing of LIDAR data and:

    • Ground and Non Ground Classification
    • Advanced classification (Building, Road, Green areas, etc.)
    • Ortho generation
    • Feature Extraction
    • 3D Building modeling

  • Earth Observation and CwRS Control with Remote Sensing
  • Ortho rectification of aerial and satellite images

Managed services

We offer full range of services to manage customer backend business operations like Business analysis, Product catalogue development, Revenue management etc.

Professional services

  • We offer consultancy and outsource development services in relation to Web development, mobile apps, RDBMS design, GIS data management, Business Cases & Cost Benefit Analysis etc.
  • Certified trainings in:
    • GIS (QGIS, Postgres/PostGIS, WEB GIS applications, mobile GIS)
    • Project Management (PRINCE2)
    • Business Analyst (Agile Business Analysis)
  • Customer support
    • When you have a problem, you need resolution quickly and efficiently, with as little impact or downtime as possible. Our Customer Support team to provide you with the quality support you deserve – whether it is because you have a question or you find yourself in the most critical situation. Every Customer Support engineer strives to exceed your expectation by providing:
      • Personal attention and expertise on INS products to ensure a complete understanding of the request.
      • Commitment to prompt response and problem resolution according to the signed SLA
    • Professionalism to handle every request with courtesy and respect to our: