The municipality, public enterprises, private company and investors, responsible for infrastructure are in charge for consolidation and locating its infrastructures’ data within a reasonable period of time. Due to a lack of a central system, information is lost, duplicated, and/or simply not found when needed. Save time and money when you maintain your network model in an affordable, full-featured utilities-specific GIS. Improve network management with reports and analysis such as network tracing, leak detection, and outage planning. Increase enterprise efficiency when you publish, manage, and view precise network maps. Our GIS solutions and products are helping these organizations to consolidate their spatial data. Map and manage your electric, gas, water, wastewater, or district energy network with INS’s customized products.

GIS Property and Land Management System

GIS Property and Land Management information system  is software especially designed according demands and requirements of our client in Abu Dhabi. GIS property and land management information system, obtains a single centralized solution for accessible via web for management, statistics, analysis and visual presentation of all immovable properties.

Forest Units Register

Nowadays land-parcel data, one of the framework themes, are essential in managing disasters and in assessing damage, along with building footprints and the locations of infrastructure (power, telecommunications, water, sewage, and steam-heating networks).

GAM – GIS Asset Management (water, electricity, oil, gas, etc.)

GAM is an enterprise WEB GIS Asset management platform aimed for authorities and institutions that are managing water, wastewater, electricity, oil and gas utilities. Our approach for designing of GAM was to make a flexible data model that will serve all utility industries, with custom business logic and easy to use front end interface.