GIS for Cadaster and Urbanism or known as Land Information System (LIS) is a tool for legal, administrative and economic decision making as well as an aid for urban planning and development. This involves on the one hand, the relational database containing, spatially referenced land related data (cadaster parcels, construction land parcels, etc) and on the other hand the procedures and techniques for systematic collection, updating, processing, analytics and distribution of the data to the end users in an efficient manner. The base of a land information system is a uniform referencing system that could facilitate in linking the different types of data within the system and with other land related database. The most important thing in the land information management is the quantity of the data which can be handled, the speed with which these data can be processed and the ways in which the data can be manipulated and analyzed. Cadastral and Urban planning systems must serve a multi-purpose use and thereby meet the challenge of a modern GIS and IT environment. The digital land cadaster maintains the official records pertaining to land parcels, their position, shape, size, land use, and ownership. Our GIS system is used for management of construction land, building permits, announcements, document management, 3D visualization, etc and it presents the future presentation of the land view.


GIS based scalable web system administrated by municipal workers, with on-line service for official document delivery towards citizens in areas like construction land development, communal land area management, transparency in working, etc.

3D City

3D City is dynamic map viewer which provide support for integrating urban planning scenarios in the 3D web maps. It shows building areas in 2D or 3D. The 3D City main purpose is to evaluate the use-efficiency of both existing and planned spatial space.

Graphical register for construction land

Register of land is an information system that supports the validation or verification, conservation and management of detailed plans.