Tourism is one of the most rapidly increasing business sectors in the world and the success of this business sector varies from country to country depending on different policies, ability to develop sufficient infrastructure to support, ability to manage and create market and overall marketing through the whole world about the product. Many of the countries depend on the tourism sector for their economic growth. To promote, plan, implement, manage and marketing, tourism are not easy task at any level of any country. There are lot of factors affect tourism in different ways. To maintain all aspects of tourism in a planned, sustained and economically sound way, computing and IT technologies facilities are necessary in this modern world. GIS- the special analytical tool can be helpful in tourism sector at different ways. GIS is now recognized widely as a valuable tool for managing, analyzing, and displaying large volumes of diverse data to many different levels of planning activities. In case of tourism planning and management, GIS is using as a very useful tool.


e-DMT is designed asĀ  a distributed Web system with a web application client and a centralized database. Its purpose is to enable the staff of Swisscontact with a easy-to-use tool built for destination management.


Sk2Go is a plug-and-play system for touristic representation of a city/region or full country that has a mobile app for tourists/locals and a web app for data administration. It is also providing a system for commercial promotion of tourism offers, services and stakeholders in the destination.