T-Mobile Macedonia

Mobile operator active in Macedonia since 1996, member of Deutche Telekom group

Telekom Slovenia

Projects implemented in cooperation with ONE telecommunication, Macedonia

Telekom Austria

Projects implemented in cooperation with VIP Macedonia, member of Telekom Austria group


Independent European consulting and engineering company

APZ – Agency for agricultural land

Croatian agency for agricultural land, part of the ministry of agriculture


Agency for financial support of agriculture and rural development

Public Enterprise Macedonian Forests

Forests management in the Republic of Macedonia


Global and multi industry Fortune 500 company from USA


A business-oriented independent foundation for international development cooperation

Target Group Macedonia

Experts in the area for management with business information


U.S. Government agency that works to end global poverty and help democratic societies


United Nations development programme dedicated to the eradication of poverty and reduction of inequalities


Local Macedonian municipalities including: The City of Skopje, Centre, Gjorce Petrov, Kisela Voda, Tetovo, Novaci, Kicevo, Ohrid, Veles etc.

Agency for Real Estate Cadastre Macedonia

Macedonian national cadastre agency

Ministry of transport

Ministry of Transport and connections in the Republic of Macedonia

AEK Macedonia

Agency for electronic communications in Macedonia.


Global telecommunication systems vendor. The company's clientele consists of fixed & mobile telecom operators, public authorities