About Us

Intelligent Network Solutions (INS) creates opportunities and solves problems for customers tackling the complexities of building commercial grade solutions. The stakes are high in commercial environments. Quality is paramount. Release schedules are demanding. Cost control is critical. This vision stimulated the purpo
se of Intelligent Network Solutions as we began in 2007. Since that time we have been engaged by large enterprises, software vendors, and technology startups. We saved them development, testing, and maintenance costs. We bring products and complex applications to market faster. And we continue to grow because we deliver on our promise to deliver business solutions, not just functioning software.

Intelligent Network Solutions is devoted to quality, efficiency, and customer service. We built an international footprint, cadre of experts, and concert of processes to make it happen. We strategically balance the advantages of our unique development teams with the exacting needs of each client.

We are glad that our clients recognise our quality and are ussually desribing us with the following advantages they find in workng with us:


  • High quality implementation of products and services
  • 24×7 guaranteed post-sales maintenance
  • 100% fluent English speakers workforce
  • International market experience
  • Comparative advantages in lower labor costs and highly skilled human capital
  • Unique geopolitical placement

Technologies we use

In time of transfering businesses to the cloud, we offer supporting legacy systems designed for DESKTOP with .NET (C#, VB.net) or Python.On the other hand we utilise and organize courses for desktop GIS tools like QGIS or ArcGIS.

Some of our flagship products are web based, and in the process of making responsive web interfaces and restfull WEB services we use HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, .NET (C#), PHP, Django+Python as well as WordPress and Prestashop.

Most of our finest ideas are primarily implemented with MOBILE client interfaces. We tend to follow the latest design and technology guidelines dictated by Google and Apple while we build our solutions for Android, Windows Mobile, iOS nativelly, or even via HTML5.

Our solutions are powered by enterprise grade RDBMS and GIS servers.We have in-house expirience and knowledge in both commercial and open-source packages like SQL Server 2005,2008,2012, PostgreSQL + PostGIS, MySQL, MapServer, GeoServer.