GIS Property and Land Management information system


GIS Property and Land Management information system  is software especially designed according demands and requirements of our client in Abu Dhabi.

GIS property and land management information system, obtains a single centralized solution for accessible via web for management, statistics, analysis and visual presentation of all immovable properties.

The central information solution enables standardized data exchange providing a more efficient flow of information. All data in GIS PLM are systematically organized and stored in the central database, which optimizes data management and maintenance to all: administrators, internal users and executives.

With GIS PLM system, transparency of data management is increased and enables higher quality planning and statistics with analysis of the properties.

Modern and intuitive user interface with great visual presentational containing elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate efficiency.

The system is intuitive, easily upgradable, and available to interconnect and integrate with other systems/applications.