Radiocommunications Information Management System- RIMS

Radiocommunications Information Management System – RIMS presents a fully integrated information management solution that automates the implementation of the Regulation, which sets out role in the permitting, installation, development and maintenance of Public Radiocommunications Stations (PRSs).

The system will be based on a central mast repository database and enhanced and improved to meet the additional demands of the Legalization process and future permitting process to provide an easy to use platform to efficiently manage all of the key stakeholders in the design. The system covers all of the relevant features like auto alerts, mapping search and approval and rejection requirements of the involved processes, with enhanced workflow and continuous improvement.

The system manages the permitting process for telecommunications PRSs, siting and sharing of masts and towers between operators.

RIMS also allows the Authority to fulfil its role as the contact point between the Operators and the relevant government stakeholders for obtaining any other permits required by any applicable laws.

RIMS operates on all types of laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The application requires connection to Internet to save data to database. Data saved in database can be seen using any major Internet browser.