Forestry Units Register

Save time! Sometimes we wait days to receive data and records.

Nowadays land-parcel data, one of the framework themes, are essential in managing disasters and in assessing damage, along with building footprints and the locations of infrastructure (power, telecommunications, water, sewage, and steam-heating networks).

Parcel data provides intelligence to maps and imagery providing information about land ownership, property values, structures, and land use.

To reduce the amount of time spent tracking down land record information from days/weeks to seconds, we have created a system which process cadastral data for each forestry unit.

The main purpose of the system is to upgrade and expand the analysis to enable an accurate insight into the ownership of the parcels belonging to a forestry unit in order to get a more detailed description of the same. Imported data in the system from the Cadaster agency are used for overlapping with the existing layers in the system, created by the planner for each forestry unit.  Also the data from the system can be used for many other applications, for example integrated system for prevention and early warning of forest fires.

Additional benefits of the system are:

  • Improves accuracy of real-property assessments
  • Performs topological control
  • Facilitates the management of projects for organizing and planning the forestry units
  • Provides base maps for local planning and preliminary engineering studies
  • Avoids costs of maintaining separate map systems and land-data files
  • Accurately locates state ownership or other interests in land
  • Speeds administration of public regulations