NetComposer® is complete, accurate and real-time central repository, which stores all network and physical inventory information.

Communication service providers with own network infrastructure continually ask questions like: where are my connections, where are my cables, how they are connected, where are my customers and what services they have, do we have free capacity on that location, etc.

NetComposer® is a single geospatial solution that supports planning, designing and construction of physical network components for telco operators.

The network planning geospatial component on physical layer is based on advanced GIS platform, and in-house developed modules, customized according to the user requirements.

The solution manages physical, logical and service capacities, ensuring the higher data quality through whole network equipment lifecycle.

The solution has possibility for connection with OSS for network management, as well as BSS for service provisioning. The end user web based GIS application enables verification of service availability, creation and activation.

Network operators usually use different supporting systems to manage their networks – typically systems are not integrated and don’t offer consolidated view of a network (physical & logical).

For efficient network operations it is essential to manage both Outside Plant data (cable infrastructure) and Inside Plant data (central office equipment).

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