e-DMT is designed as  a distributed Web system with a web application client and a centralized database. Its purpose is to enable the staff of Swisscontact with a easy-to-use tool built for destination management. With it the staff of Swisscontact is able to:

  • Better document the tourist flows and map all the relevant information related to the flows themselves
  • Perform the SVF analysis, either on a single SVF or by overlap of one or more SVF’s
  • Share the results with their colleagues in an easy and intuitive way
  • Keep track of development of the involved targeted businesses (hotels, restaurants etc) that are local beneficiaries of the operations conducted by Swisscontact by following the key indicators of their businesses (nr. of employees, turnovers etc…)
  • Generate various fast reports on the development of a single region or group of regions.

The main functionalities of eDMT are:

  1. Mapping of Strategic Visitor Flows (SFVs) and corresponding funnels. SFV is the basic unit of management in tourism destinations applying the SGDM approach.
  2. Mapping of tourism service providers and enterprises in the destination, record and monitor their indicators – Monitoring and Results Measurement(MRM) tool (parameters to be defined with working group)
  3. Fast reporting and spatial analysis.