Virtuoso – live feed into VR

Have you ever wanted to visit the New Year’s Vienna’s philharmonic concert but never managed to get hold of the
tickets? What about that football game that you want to see live but for which you don’t have time to fly half-across the world? Maybe you simply want to talk to your grandkids that live abroad, but as if they are with you in the room? Virtuoso can put you right in the middle of any place that you want to see. Live.

Virtuoso is a web platform that enables vendors (which is whoever owns a 360 view camera) to broadcast live 360 videos to owners of any VR headset there is (Google cardboard, Samsung’s VR Gear etc). Possible use-cases of Virtuoso are the following:

  1. Champions league football game is scheduled for tomorrow night but there are no more tickets available. The home club decides to broadcast the game live over Virtuoso, directly with a 360 camera. Access to live stream costs just 1 Euro (instead of 150 EUR ticket) and whoever pays for access and owns e.g. a very cheap Google Cardboard, can watch the game just as if they are on the stadium. With this, the home club increases the watcher capacity from e.g. 50000 to millions of fans, and opens additional revenue streams for themselves.
  2. An older businessman is traveling all the time and if there is one thing he would like is to see his grandchildren and talk to them. His son, owns a 360 camera and uses Virtuoso to talk to his father live. The businessman connects to the livestream with his phone+VR headset (e.g. cardboard) and feels as if he is in the same room with his grandkids. Virtuoso broadcasts full video and audio.