GISBI is system for monitoring and reporting the usage of services of the mobile operators. All KPIs are regional distributed and monitored. With this system you will be able to follow KPIs trends, threshold alerts, delta, reports and perform variety of analyses. Also the system enables regional comparative analyses (comparison of 2 regions) based on a GIS data. The resolutions of KPIs is on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. GISBI System is synchronized with other BSS & OSS systems and there is daily extraction of KPIs from input data. Some of the functionalities and KPIs that can be monitored are:

  • Data service usage package: monitoring the data amount (download and upload) that is used by subscribers. Data usage can be monitored by subscriber terminal (usb stick or mobile handsets);
  • Voice service usage package: with this package the mobile operators can which regions have max/min/avg active subscribers that are using their voice service. The voice service can be monitored by originating or terminating calls;
  • SMS service package: monitoring the usage of SMS service;
  • Revenue & Rate Plan package (ARPU package): with this package the mobile operators can see in which regions the subscribers are with the highest/lowest ARPU per Rate plan;
  • Device usage package: monitoring the most used devices per regions;
  • Gross adds & churn customer package: with this package mobile operators can monitor the regions where they have new added subscribers and subscribers that are not active in selected period;
  • Campaign measurement package: this package is used for monitoring the usage/activation of new product/service that are available by mobile operators;
  • Network Eng package: package for technical department where the engineers can see the above KPIs on the site/cell level.