Fleetbit is a platform for real-time interaction and tracking of your fleet which needs no additional GPS devices, so you have no fees for hardware and installation.

You can use Fleetbit to track your fleet of trucks, cars or even vehicles incapable of mounting a GPS like bikes or on-foot delivery personell and but what’s best is a no-fuss deployment. Start tracking your fleet in matter of minutes. No additional hardware. No additional installation fees. Nope, not kidding. Fleetbit needs no additional GPS devices,so you have no fees for hardware and installation. Just download our Android app and start tracking that phone, now.

Get real-time notifications about the statuses of your fleet’s members. Fleetbit informs you about the status of low (under 10%) battery, 15 minutes of inactivity, entrances and exits of geo-fences, emergency alarms for each of the devices. Fleetbit enables you with complex reports based on gathered field data.Check cumulative reports on interaction of your fleet’s members with geo-fences as well as their activity in the system and export them into well known file formats.Share locations and routes, recieve messages and alarms. Help your fleet navigate better to the needed destination. Be a part of your fleet. Track your fleet live via the one-stop, real-time updating, user location map view, or check the fleet’s movement history, per user, filtered by desired time period.

Fleetbit can also be used to ensure your family’s safety. It is easily extended with a specialized brand of smart
watches for kids that are working with our system of-the-shelve. All you need to do is to order one of our watches, turn it on, run a short configuration and the watch will start showing it’s current location in the system. With this, you can always know the location of your child, weather or not it has left or arrived to school, if it has taken the watch off or not, and many more. With Fleetbit, we care about your safety.