3D City

3D City is dynamic map viewer which provide support for integrating urban planning scenarios in the 3D web maps. It shows building areas in 2D or 3D. The 3D City main purpose is to evaluate the use-efficiency of both existing and planned spatial space. The application is an information-based decision making tool used when designing regional or neighborhood plans, or when considering regulatory and incentive strategies. Building areas are extruded with their own maximum height. In this state, you can switch between current and planned situation and visually see the difference.

  • System functionalities
    • Map viewer of all ongoing detailed plans in 2D (base layer)
    • 3D building areas
    • Extrude 2D geography
  • Benefits and goals
    • Web visualization on ongoing and planned situation of building areas in detailed plans
    • Decision makers can visualize different scenarios when evaluating complicated urban plans
    • Providing the ability to easily understand complex urban planning regulation as 3D visualization
    • Offers comparison capabilities between existing and planned buildings to a specific area regulation
    • Support local governments in achieving planning consents with communities (citizens) and industries
  • Technologies
    • OpenLayers
    • Cesium
    • MapServer
    • Potrgres/Postgis

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