SafeFleet, FliGO and SafeChat

The SafeFleet system is an ideal solution to manage vehicles which are on the road for an extended period of time or which will transit difficult areas. Fuel consumption is strongly influenced by the behavior of the driver behind the wheel. A less aggressive driving style will determine lower fuel costs, but also decrease the threats to the safety of the driver, of the road users and of the vehicle. Thanks to the SafeFleet system used to monitor the drivers’ behavior you can see in real time and assess the behavior of each driver and the performances at fleet level. No matter how well you plan the routes and activity of the drivers, things will change and you have to adapt as you go. You stay in contact with the drivers of the fleet whenever needed. A two-way communication is essential for the proper performance of the day-to-day activities which determines an increased efficiency of the program and the reduction of the operating costs. Monitoring instruments do not automatically improve the fuel consumption, but provide important information based on which you can identify anomalies or possible problems and take measures to make the fuel consumption more efficient. SafeFleet allows an accurate measurement of the consumption and the integration with the SafeFleet Portal of a method dedicated to monitor the fuel consumption. Fleet and driver safety involves reducing the risks and encouraging safe driving. The initiatives aimed at increasing safety levels have become a priority for any fleet manager interested in reducing road incidents and, implicitly, the possible costs related to accidents. SafeFleet offers managers the possibility to view in real time the activity and behavior of the driver, but also to quickly react in cases of accident or theft of the vehicle. SafeFleet is a fleet management software created to offer you a full picture of the activities you perform. Through the advanced functions, SafeFleet offers you the possibility to handle in real time the equipment, the employees and the resources. We take into account the specificities of each industry or company, therefore SafeFleet provides various functions based on the use of sensors, but also additional options for improving the fleet management.

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There are cases when the driver needs to send to the dispatcher various information or inform the dispatcher about changes or problems which might occur on the way. For such cases, SafeChat ensures a two-way communication between the driver and the dispatcher. Moreover, drivers can also send messages to one another in the app.

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