New services for smart mobile phones, like e-mail, web browsing, audio and video streaming demands more and more from the underlying network. There are increasing needs for high bit rates, low delay and jitter. These are three parameters that strongly affect the user performance. In packet switched networks the connection between network metrics and user performance is often not as easily seen as in circuit switched networks. The difficulty to see this can often be attributed to the several layers of packet switched communication

NetSpeedMeter – NSM® is intelligent platform for measurement, storage, presentment and statistics of mobile network data KPIs from customer perspective. The system can be used for regular and on-demand measurements of own data network, comparison of measurements with predicted coverage files from planning tools, creation of real coverage files based on user experience/measurements and benchmarking with other competition networks

The NSM system consists of:

  • Client – Android mobile applications
  • Backhand sub-system – Measurement Server
  • Frontend sub-system – Web GIS application

Mobile applications

  • Mobile application for Android
  • On request or regular (scheduled) measurement
  • Presentment of the results on a mobile application

Measurement Server

  • Algorithm for measurement
  • Configuration of Measurement Server
  • Storing of measurements in DB and RDBMS
  • Geo-Data structure built by well-known standards

WEB GIS application

  • Presentment of measurements on a map
  • Creation of empirical coverage maps
  • Statistics & Reports