GIS based scalable web system administrated by municipal workers, with on-line service for official document delivery towards citizens in areas like construction land development, communal land area management, transparency in working, etc.

  • System functionalities
    • Map viewer of all ongoing detailed plans
    • Organization of detailed plans by type
    • Search by all layers
    • Search by cadastral points
    • Drill down info tool
    • Defining roles and access rights
    • E-mail notifications for subscribers (citizens) if some work is in progress in their area
    • Generates official document that sublimates all related data
    • Download geography of one land plot in .DXF format
  • Benefits and goals
    • Fast and effective way of generating official municipal documents
    • No more paper
    • Comprehensive cross registers statistics and analyzes regarding cadaster and construction land
    • Fast and effective way of validation and verification of detailed plans
  • Technologies
    • .NET framework
    • MapServer
    • Potrgres/Postgis

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