GOLIATH – GIS and project management system for Environment, Hydrogeology, Energy, Geology, etc.

GOLIATH is WEB GIS inventory system for project management, technical documentation, dynamic monitoring of parameters and quality indicators as well as spatial data management, primarily in geology, hydrogeology and environment. Service Oriented Architecture SOA gives opportunity and scalability for smooth web based interconnection with other institutions and systems.

System functionalities

  • Login and user management of the system
  • Creating projects
  • Module for managing project and technical documentation
  • Module with tools to work on a map and visual graphic display of raster and vector data
  • Search, spatial analyzes, statistics and reports
  • Edit – Add, change or delete some data
  • Share spatial data in the state coordinate system
  • Monitoring the quality parameters and indicators with a strong visual representation
  • Log entries

Purpose of Goliath

  • Goliath is a complete system with powerful visual graphic display of spatial data, their editing, managing technical documentation and projects, and monitoring by comparison of the qualitative parameters and indicators.
  • Fully compliant with regulatory demands
  • Fully compliant with international requirements and GIS standards (wms, wfs, etc)


  • .NET framework
  • MapServer
  • Potrgres/Postgis