SHM – Smart Hotel Management

The hotel business is often a volatile enough environment with the ever growing competition and increasing operational expenses, not to mention the large volumes of initial financial investments that need to be made just to start one. After all said and done, proper hotel management is exactly what makes all the difference, and we would like to help you with that. The name of our secret weapon is SHM – Smart Hotel Management.

The main problem that hotel managers are facing is the level of occupancy of the rooms in their hotels. Basically, if a hotel is not 30% full during the year, the whole business becomes questionable, and can we even talk about profits? That is where SHM comes in.

SHM is a web system that will advise you on ways to increase your incomes by following several simple steps:

  1. Input your historical data (room occupancy, prices, incomes etc) from the past several years
  2. Input your expense data (electric bills, salaries etc)
  3. Update the current occupancy situation (as of the date you are making analysis)

…and the system will:

  1. Advise you on what price to put on any room type you have in any period (tomorrow, a month later, during low season) to maximize your income (based on your history and expenses)
  2. Show you reports that will acknowledge business suggestions that SHM does
  3. Show you a whole set of reports that reflect the historical movement of your business
  4. Advise on marketing campaigns that you might want to start (e.g. if you’re offering rooms at 150 USD now in November, you should put up a billboard offering rooms at 65 USD for low season in February, etc)

… and much more, all of this backed up with a powerful AI algorithm.