Shopping is everyone’s favorite kind of relaxation. And everyone likes a good sale, no matter their lifestyle or preference. However, a shopping experience in a very large shopping mall (and large cities have very large malls) might be a bit tiresome while searching for a particular item through e.g. 8 floors of shops and boutiques. Not to mention finding the shortest way to reaching the item. To make the shopping experience better and easier, we designed Light Blue – a smart mall helper.

Light blue is a distributed system designed with BLE(Bluetooth low energy) beacons as the basis for user indoors positioning and navigation. It has a mobile app that is used by the end user: shoppers. When a shopper gets into the mall he would download the mall’s app and with it he/she could:

  1. Browse all items in a single mall by shop or category
  2. Search for active sales in the mall
  3. While walking through the mall the user would get live notifications about the offers in shops near him (e.g. Samsung has a new phone in store and just by passing by the Samsung store the user would get a notification about this)

Find out how to reach a specific store or place in the mall. Just like a GPS navigation for cars on the road, but for shoppers inside the mall.

However, the mobile app is just a half of the system. The second half is the administrative web platform that might be used by the shop owners to manage their marketing campaigns, release discount information that would be sent to the users on-the-fly, to generate footwork statistics for their shops (how long has a shopper been in front of his shop’s window, how many people have entered, how many people have just passed by without stopping, etc). These are all very important tools for the shop owners that want to improve their business.