Graphical Register for Construction Land (Urbanism on National level)

Register of land is an information system that supports the validation or verification, conservation and management of detailed plans. The main purpose of the registry is to establish a single registry of land plots for construction throughout the country, as it would facilitate the generation of statistics and reports, and will therefore promote spatial planning. The system simplifies the steps for institutional communication and speeds up the process.

  • System functionalities
    • Central system for verification of detailed plans
    • Defining roles and access rights
    • Distribution of requests to related institutions thru the process of verification
    • Optimization of the processes for decisions and approvals
    • Quality check of detailed plans
    • E-mail notification for status change of projects
    • Reports and overviews by key parameters
    • Special report for overlap cadastral plots and land plots
    • Digital signing of all documents
  • Benefits and goals
    • Single registry of land plots
    • Complete overview of all projects in all stages to related role
    • Comprehensive cross registers statistics and analyzes regarding cadaster and construction land
    • Fast and effective way of validation and verification of detailed plans
    • Speed up the process of generating overlap report
  • Technologies.NET framework
    • MapServer
    • Potrgres/Postgis

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