SmartSign is our in-house made, brand new addition to our IoT portfolio. It consists out of 3 main components:

  1. A digital sign that sits on a rotating base and changes its direction either each 5 minutes or per user (citizen) request
  2. A powerfull software back-end that is based on an alghorithm that crawls our geo-database filled with points of interest (coffee bars, hotels, sport venues, monuments etc) and live, open, geo-tagged data all over the internet (geo-tagged tweets, public facebook events, swarming foursquare locations, etc)
  3. SmartSign app for end users (citizens)

Based on these two elements, the signs are choosing trending events/tweets/locations, they are changing their bearing accordingly and the sign’s display shows short info about that particular location. The sign is also wifi enabled so users in its vicinity can change the sign’s content with a simple request from the smartsign smartphone app.  The SmartSign app can also be used independently, without the sign, via which the users can gain info about the city that they are in.